Our Story
AYZAR INC. is a family-owned and operated investment and development company located in the heart of Southern California. Successfully combining individual talent, education, expertise, and experience, AYZAR INC. provides concept-to-completion real estate development, industry related products and services, that enable clients to experience positive change, enhance their overall value and effectively manage their assets. In 2005, husband and wife team Medi Aynechi and Shirin Zarkesh established AyZar Developments LLC. Having developed insight and leadership from years working with world leading companies, such as The Walt Disney and Marriott, they saw the need to combine their experience in real estate development, construction, and business planning and share it with investors and business networks to maximize their value. With adherence to fair business practices and aggressive creative promotions, investments took off and started to pay dividends. AyZar Developments began receiving requests from the established network to provide the same services to third party entities, outside of the investment groups. These requests led AyZar Developments LLC to grow and become AYZAR INC. in 2010. The next year, Dean Aynechi was added to the top management team. Dean, Medi and Shirin’s son, was initially brought in to add a commercial brokerage component, but through his expertise and understanding of the organization has grown to become General Counsel. AYZAR INC. continues to grow by effectively guiding and supporting all of its clients and companies to provide real results so that they can fully maximize their potential. A multi-faceted investment and management organization dedicated to providing synergistic services and adhering to the principle that ALL projects and ALL clients deserve the same level of respect that are afforded to the entire AyZar’s portfolio.
Our Mission

AYZAR INC. is committed to offering clients and companies its over 75 years of expertise and dedication in:


  • Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Construction, Renovation, Tenant Improvement
  • Commercial Acquisition, Marketing, and Leasing
  • Development, Design, Entitlement, and Project Management
Our Commitment
AYZAR INC. is committed to:


  • Growing its role as a leading provider of full-service investment opportunities and development needs.
  • Helping clients experience positive change, enhance their overall value and effectively manage their assets.
  • Providing synergistic services and adhering to the principle that ALL projects and ALL clients deserve to be treated with the highest level of respect.
  • Respecting its business principles, business partners and fostering relationships that are mutually beneficial and financially rewarding.