Dean Aynechi, General Counsel


Dean Aynechi serves AyZar Inc. as the company’s General Counsel in addition to overseeing one of its most ambitious divisions – AyZar Commercial.

Dean’s experience includes overseeing multi-million dollar advertising budgets for real estate development firms and managing fiscal budgets for major land and home liquidation companies. Dean is also an attorney with extensive background in business and real estate law matters, representing developers and property owners in state and federal court. He has negotiated for the sale, lease and disposition of both residential and commercial properties. He brings his years of extensive experience in directing and managing financial and marketing operations to AyZar providing a wealth of information and decision making to both AyZar and its clients.

Dean graduated from the George Washington University Law School in the top of his class in addition and received his undergraduate at UCLA in Business-Economics. He is licensed to practice law in the State of California and holds the Broker License for the company.